After a holiday in February 2010 I came home and decided enough was enough! Weighing in at nearly 15 stone, a size 18-20 and extremely depressed I decided to contact a personal trainer!

I was so un-fit, the take-away queen and wouldn’t even walk to my local shop, I felt really nervous to even make “The phone call”!

I found Crystal Vision Training in the Hartley Wintney village magazine and decided to make the call! I spoke to Alan who’s company it was and instantly felt at ease and arranged to meet him for a free consultation. He made me feel at ease from the very start and assured me that he could help me! I thought I was beyond help and had very little confidence, but after a motivational chat with Alan I felt that maybe losing weight under his guidance could be done.

I had tried every diet under the sun but never exercise; I suppose it was the thought of joining big gym’s and people looking at me that put me off.

I decided to book two sessions a week with Alan, the first one I felt very nervous but he soon made me feel at ease. I really loved the sessions as they were varied and I soon came to realise that exercise can be great fun, especially the boxing which was my favourite. I soon upped the sessions to three times a week and then started Circuit Training which Alan runs at the local community centre in Fleet twice a week.

The weight just started falling off, training with healthy eating is the only way!!

I lost 5 stone and dropped 5-6 dress sizes in 6 months!! My life has changed completely, I feel more confident now than I ever have done, I can shop in any shop, people actually notice me now and it’s all thanks to Crystal Vision, who has helped me achieve my goal, boosted my confidence and helped me find something that I really enjoy now… exercise instead of eating!!

I could not have done this without you Alan, so thank you so much… I would highly recommend Crystal Vision Training to everyone!!

Leanne Scrase