Weight Management :- Obesity and being overweight are now approaching epidemic proportions in the UK alone. Losing weight decreases your risk of type 2 diabetes and risk of stroke.

Strength and Conditioning :- If you want to increase your performance in your desired run or cycle distance, strength and conditioning workouts will help you get there.

Special Needs :- We work closely where possible with people with special needs, making exercise fun and enjoyable to improve core strength, posture and improved motor skills and reflexes.

Triathlon and Marathon Preparation :- Through an assortment of conditioning drills we can help you get well prepared for a Triathlon or marathon.

Injury Rehabilitation :- Helping people strengthen supporting muscles and improve range of motion with stretching and tailored exercises.

Kickboxing for Everyone :- Learn how to defend yourself with realistic training drills for self defense.

Core Stability :- Improve your posture and strengthen your back with Core Stability exercises.

Circuit Training :- Get fit fast with our twice weekly circuit class which not only burns fat but improves strength and muscle tone.

Bodybuilding :- If building muscle is your goal, let us guide you through the process using our latest Bespoke resistance machines from the States.

Stress Relief :- Many studies show that people who exercise regularly benefit with a positive boost in mood and lower rates of depression.

Nutritional Advise :- We can help you reach your goals quicker with advise on the right foods to eat and when.

Flexibility Training :- Learn how to stretch effectively to improve your flexibility with static and dynamic stretches for pre and post workout.

Post Natal :- Let us help you get your body back into shape after having a baby with clear advise on the do’s and don’ts.

Your Big Day :- On the lead up to your special day, let us help you shed those extra pounds so you don’t just look good your also feel it too.